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Heritage, museums, history, Don Quixote in each of its corners, wineries, volcanic lagoons, natural landscapes, distinguished personages, curiosities and cultural and festive activities are part of the basic attractions of Ciudad Real.

All this added to the pleasure of enjoying a rich gastronomy, our tasty “tapas” and high-quality tourist services, which make our stay in our city comfortable and pleasant.

Furthermore, thanks to its privileged location and its communication channels, Ciudad Real is an ideal starting point to visit the great heritage and natural wealth of the province. A special mention should be made of the historic artistic place of Almagro, host of the international festival of the Classic Theater and administrative headquarter of the Order of Calatrava since the fourteenth century. And Villanueva de los Infantes, located in the Campo de Montiel, spiritual center of La Mancha in the Golden Age and the place chosen by Francisco de Quevedo to die in 1645.

As a border land, of Military Orders and castles, we will be impressed to visit two of its most important landmarks. The first place is Calatrava la Vieja, located in Carrión de Calatrava, old fortress village and in the High Middle Ages the most important on the route from Toledo to Córdoba, where the Order of Calatrava was founded in 1158. To the southwest, the village of Almadén, a World Heritage Site, known for its important mercury mines. To the northeast, the extensive plain of La Mancha, where the adventures of Don Quixote took place. We should not miss visiting their villages while we look for the most universal image of this land, the windmills, with the most important complex located in Campo de Criptana.

The great natural value of this place is represented by the National Parks of Cabañeros and Las Tablas de Daimiel. Moreover, Unique spaces such as the Natural Park of the Lagunas de Ruidera and the Natural Park of the Valley of Alcudia and Sierra Madrona are added to the former ones.

You can find more information about the tourist offer in Ciudad Real on the Tourism website: Ciudad Real’s official tourism website.

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