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Topic areas

The program of the conference presents the main following topic areas (but is not limited to them):

  • Power conversion techniques.
  • Control techniques in power converters.
  • Instrumentation and measurement systems. Sensor networks.
    –  Sensors and transducers, data acquisition systems, circuits and embedded systems for measurement.
    –  Signal and image processing in measurement systems; real-time applications.
    –  Optical Measurement Systems based on optic fibre.
    –  Measurement of physical, chemical and biological magnitudes.
    –  Measurement systems for robotics, industry 4.0 and advanced manufacturing.
    –  Measurements for non-destructive testing and evaluation.
    –  Measurements in positioning, tracking and navigation systems.
    –  Energy measurement systems and for the energy industry.
    –  Measurements in environmental monitoring, agriculture, food production and food safety.
    –  Measurements for the automotive and transport industry, aerospace and space systems.
    –  Measurements in communications and IoT systems; data Storage in Metrology.
    –  Measurements in medical, biomedical and health care systems.
  • Semiconductor devices and passive components.
  • Applications to electrical energy systems.
    –  Electrical energy systems.
    –  Renewable energies.
    –  Energy storage systems.
    –  Microgrids.
    –  Energy management systems.
  • Biomedical engineering.
  • Industrial automation. Industry 4.0.
  • Electrical mobility. Electric vehicle.
  • Technological applications.
    –  Industrial systems.
    –  Power electronics applications in industry.
    –  Communication systems.
    –  Computer systems.
    –  Electronics and power electronics applications in the aerospace, military and scientific sectors.
    –  Optoelectronic applications.
    –  Instrumentation.
    –  Analog and digital control theory.
    –  Other power electronics and industrial applications.
  • Educational applications.
    –  Methodological aspects and active methodologies in the environment of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA): assessment techniques, virtual laboratories, multimedia and online teaching, etc.
    –  Project/problem based learning (PBL).
    –  Collaborative learning.
    –  e-learning.
    –  Mentoring.
    –  Works with important hardware components.
    –  Works related to university teaching in general: management, etc.

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